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A better school workforce.
By design.

Move from good intentions to evidence-informed action on your school’s people priorities.

Your school’s workforce strategy is a data-informed, evidence-based, three-to-five year plan that aligns your school’s most valuable resource—its people—with your strategic objectives. PeopleBench has the workforce tools and resources, backed by research, to make a difference in your school.

Build your school’s workforce strategy with PeopleBench.

Streamline the strategic planning process.

Seamlessly drawing in real-world data and benchmarks, the Workforce Strategy Builder steps you through the process of capturing your strategic context and aspirations and defining your school’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities. From there, the Workforce Strategy Builder helps you identify the strategic priorities, the programs and initiatives that support them, and the Key Performance Indicators you will use to measure your progress.

Access workforce strategy expertise.

The PeopleBench platform has been built for schools with the input of schools. This means that with the Workforce Strategy Builder you never have to start with a blank page. Choose from predefined, evidence-informed priorities and customise to fit your school with a few simple tweaks. Take the guesswork out of key decisions including attraction, recruitment, selection onboarding, development, and retention.

Build a document that makes a difference.

The Workforce Strategy Builder provides you with a targeted, strategic document that reflects your school’s brand and will help you communicate your priorities with your leadership team, staff, and school community. With PeopleBench on your desktop, you have the insights and resources you need to create, monitor and update your school’s workforce strategy to enable improved student outcomes.

Streamline your school’s strategic planning process with a PeopleBench subscription.

"PeopleBench is doing something that no-one else has yet done—it is such important work. It is providing a roadmap where we (the Education sector) currently drive blind with regards to workforce strategy."

Jennifer Blackshaw

Director Organisational Services

Townsville Catholic Education Office