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Taking the guesswork out of school workforce strategy & decision making.

PeopleBench is a school workforce improvement company.

Through our online benchmarking platform, our Community of Practice and our advisory services, we’re helping schools to Build Better School Workforces.

One minute you’re a teacher, the next you’re in charge of everything.

Research tells us that being a school leader can be one of the most rewarding (and challenging!) career moves an educator can make.

When the workforce accounts for 80% of the cost of running most schools, Principals, Deputies and Business Managers are responsible for spending their staffing budgets wisely. Most receive no training or support in workforce strategy or strategic Human Resource Management.

You don’t need to go it alone. Let us support you on your school leadership journey.

School leaders need more than good intuition.

The education sector is great at collecting and storing data.

Turning it into insights which improve decision making (and your impact on student outcomes) is the key.

To build better school workforces, you can’t rely on intuition alone, you need a trusted evidence base to inform and defend your decision making.

PeopleBench provides an evidence base & tools to inform your school workforce strategy and decision making.

Compare how your school’s age profile, teacher qualifications, use of flexible work practices and other workforce strategies compares to schools who are like yours.

Research to shine a light.
Learn about the workforce factors which most influence student outcomes. Keep up to date with our exclusive research reports and start building your best school workforce today.

PeopleBench offers consulting services to assist with strategy, organisational design and change. We also design and deliver bespoke training programs to build leader capability in School Workforce Strategy, Staff Wellbeing and Resilience.

Together, we can transform education by building better school workforces for the benefit of our students.

Through our ongoing research, we are unlocking the deep wisdom of educators, behavioural scientists and workforce experts across the country to tap into new insights into how to build the best school workforces in the world.

"PeopleBench is doing something that no-one else has yet done – it is such important work.

It is providing a roadmap where we (the Education sector) currently drive blind with regards to workforce strategy.

We are serious about our goal to achieve the very best educational outcomes for our students. So it makes sense that we invest in understanding the factors that will make a difference in that regard."

Jennifer Blackshaw

Director Organisational Services

Townsville Catholic Education Office