Benchmarking - PeopleBench


We’ve created a tool that draws on data from the Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority (ACARA), a range of school Human Resources (HR) Information Systems and our own research, so that you can compare your own data and explore your workforce in the context of how other schools look.

Our benchmarking tool helps to focus your efforts, highlighting risks and opportunities as you build your best school workforce.

Gain access to a national data set and explore how your school is travelling on a range of school characteristics, workforce factors and student outcomes.

Benchmark your school against comparable peer groups and national averages.

Use insights to inform and defend decisions around your workforce.

How does your school compare?

"While I am aware that similar solutions exist for Principals to access when it comes to financial benchmarks, PeopleBench, to my knowledge, is a first of its kind solution when it comes to teaching workforce benchmarking and reporting. The idea that we would give Principals an ability to examine their workforce profiles to build better school workforces and improve their governance practices represents a step-change in anything currently available to us as a resource."

Dr Daniel Pampuch


Christian Schools Australia