KNOWING HOW YOU're Performing

Benchmarking and reports.


Schools are better than most when it comes to reporting. Reporting to government. Reporting to regulators. Reporting to parents and kids. When it comes to reporting on the workforce however, schools, like many other industries, have largely relied on rudimentary payroll data reports to meet their minimum obligatory reporting requirements - often in relation to resource planning and funding security.

Today, like other sectors, schools are starting to mine the richer data sets available to them to ask more substantial questions like, what does teacher absenteeism mean for student attainment? What contribution does teacher diversity make to student progression? and how much turnover is good turnover if we want our school to be the best it can be for the kids who attend each day? School Boards and Systems have legal requirements to provide assurance, manage risk and ensure the overall return of value to their stakeholders.

Reports that support these endeavours, by definition, need to offer significantly more than most payroll reports can provide. PeopleBench has worked with Educators from across a range of sectors to develop a suite of reports that meet the needs of these groups. 

PeopleBench ENABLES you to examine how you're going, understanding it in context of others, and plan your course of action to lift performance. 

How it works


Subscribe your school to PeopleBench.


Subscription is easy to complete online and costs a small annual fee.

Submit your data.

Download and complete our data collection kit using data from your school’s HR or Business Information System. We collect data on a range of HR and school performance metrics common to schools across government, systemic and independent contexts

Access your dashboard and reports.

Once your data has been added to our database, you’ll receive notification that it’s time to log in and start benchmarking.

PeopleBench enables you to compare your school’s data to your peers in two ways.


Annual executive report and dashboard.

Get an executive snapshot of where your school sits against the whole PeopleBench population on a range of workforce and school performance metrics.


Customised benchmarking report and dashboard.

Drill down to compare your school to your peers by state, school type, religious affiliation, pedagogical approach and more.